Cellulite zapper/toning device - aka 'RenuSpa' launches 2/26. All pre-orders come with DERMATIC EFFECTS firming cream as gift with purchase ($56 value) through 2/26 xo, Tori

Summer Preppin’ - save $20!

Dermatic Effects Plus TeGreen!

2 of our best products to get your body Summer Ready!👙🌞

Dermatic Effects - Fights C E L L U L I T E

🌟Hydrate and smooth skin 

🌟Diminish signs of aging including crepy skin🙌 

🌟Smooth the appearance of fat and cellulite 

🌟Improve appearance of skin’s firmness 


We all know the benefits of drinking green tea😄

 One capsule = 7 cups of green tea! 🌿🍲99% caffeine-free 👏👏


✔️More energy 

✔️Supports metabolism

✔️Helps burn belly fat

✔️Boosts immune system

✔️GREAT for skin and nails