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Must-haves in your bag

Be ready at all times!  Every handbag needs a hand sanitizer, breath spray and hand lotion!

Hand sanitizer - Containing lavender, which was used by many early Roman, Greek, and European civilizations for its cleansing effects, Epoch® Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria. Unlike other formulas, it is nondrying and doesn’t damage nail polish.

Hand lotion - Skin drinks in this light lotion so your hands are left soft and hydrated. Pamper your hands with the perfect blend of softening conditioners and moisture-attracting humectants for a softer, smoother touch.

Ap24 Breath spray - AP 24® Anti-Plaque Breath Spray fights plaque build-up while freshening breath in a convenient alcohol-free spray.